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4 Amazing Commercial Garage Doors To Keep An Eye On

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Garage doors have been the old fashion to beautify the commercial entrances. However, the design and utility have not gone hand-in-hand. The rough, rusted or dull antique have usually decorated the fronts. Time has brought about the change in what sits for your security as garage doors. The wait for reliable, designer and advanced commercial garage doors is over. The manufacturers have leveled up their products. One gets to choose from a large variety.

1)Slide up commercial garage doors-

The conventional garage doors come with automatic roll up feature with a remote controller also manual setup. These are preferred for safe and reliable guarding of buildings. It also optimizes the space required in fixation and operation.

2)Overhead commercial garage doors-

Overhead doors are now motorized yet can be operated manually. Since, the door is horizontal to the ceiling when opened and vertical when closed, it allows the fabricators to have various options to manufacture them in wood, steel, plastic, aluminum etc.

3)Slide to side garage doors-

These doors slide to either of sides. It provides high protection, fancy designs and high endurance to stress.

4)Scissor garage doors-

They are usually the secondary doors to provide the ultimate protection to a building. They curl up from left to right (or opposite) when opened and lock up like a normal gate if closed.

The fabrication options in residential garage doors have increased over the time as per the invention and research on different materials are done. With inclusion of Vinyl doors, we have high resistances to shear stress and tolerance to dents. Wood has been the oldest amongst all. Steel also has variety as the alloy differs in strength, texture and composition. Glass is mainly used to ornate the entrance.

Apart from the various types of trendy designs available, more of garage door replacement services and equipments have flooded in market. Nowadays, it is recommended to contact the experts of this field to get job done in best way.



Changing Garage Door? Know What Is Best For You

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A good garage door makes an important home investment for it can serve you for decades and sometimes even lifetime. Besides making your garages and homes secure place residential garage doors do a lot more. Over the time these get worn out even if they are saved from other damages.

Whatever reasons may pursue you to replace the existing overhead door; you need to know that it requires you to spend some extra time and efforts.

Nobody can and should overlook the importance of research before getting a new garage door. These doors are not only protecting your vehicles and belongings stored but are instrumental for aesthetic appeal of your house. An old and shattered door does not only open opportunities for burglars but also allows dirt, dust, debris and a lot more inside your garage and property.

Commercial garage doors are quite useful in making your work garage secure and safe. Commercial garages are extensively used to store inventory and machines. Heavy machinery remains protected inside the garage only till the door is working smooth.


  • Hire Garage Door Professionals

Beware of DIY when it comes to installation of hurricane garage doors. The doors at your garage no matter at your home or work are very dangerous. Mishandling them can lead to serious havoc.

In attempt of saving a few dollars you might land yourself in trouble. Hire proficient people who are willing to deliver in your local area.

  • Get Quotes From At Least 3

While it is important to hire professionals, it goes without saying that research needs to be done. Don’t limit your conversations and discussions over phone, call the company’s representatives to visit site and tell you what can be best done.

  • Upgrade Insulation

When you are changing the garage door, it is the right time to upgrade insulation. This will help you keep your additional bedroom warm and safe.

  • Add Security

Automation is very important as it offers convenience and security. You can have a control of your garage door’s opening and closing even without stepping out of your car on chilly nights.


When Does Your Garage Door Need To Be Changed?

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The idea of having garages at home is quite American. This makes the garage doors essentially the largest moving part of any house. With such huge sizes and heavy weight both residential and commercial garage doors need to be inspected every month carefully. Garage owners should be attentive towards any changes in the sounds and working of the overhead doors in their property.

Garage doors are used several times in a day. Ignorance of the problems with the doors at garage may have dire consequences. Hence you should be keen to repair and replace them with professional assist. There are so many possibilities of having new garage door at your home or work. The major and common ones include:

  • The damaged door– There are times when the hurricane doors get hit by vehicles and get damaged. Instead of replacing the panels the garage owners may consider garage door replacement for avoiding future problems with the door.
  • The old door-The average lifespan of a garage door is approx. 8-11 years. It is quite possible that you get bored of seeing the same door for over a decade and change for giving your home a completely different look.
  • Moved in recently– It is said that a garage door reflects the personality of the owner. When you move in a new house you may realize that the door does not match your personality type.
  • For advanced features– Nowadays the garage doors have become too smart. They are automated and insulated to serve their masters the best. Why would one stick to the old and basic kind of door when there are so many better alternatives available in the market.
  • Renovation– It is important that your home’s exterior and the attached garage’s door are in sync. When you renovate your house your door may stand odd with the new home exterior.
  • Cost effective– You believe it or not but replacement of the overhead door may be judicious in comparison to the repair. It stands true for the old and much damaged doors that don’t have much of life left. The garage door experts recommend to replace but not to repair if it is more expensive.


Create an Exciting Workplace with Commercial Garage Doors Maintenance

Be it any business, security and access are the major concern areas. Garage doors address both these concerns but hand over major responsibility to the business owner. Important thing to keep in mind is that repairing and maintaining the doors help in avoiding useless headaches. Besides, as they play a crucial role in everyday operations, making sure they are in perfect order definitely makes sense.

Have you ever thought that properly maintained commercial garage doors can add much look and style to your business. This is because it is one of the first things that’s noticed by the valuable customers. Moreover, as these doors are way larger than residential ones, they quickly stand out.

If we talk about the regularly used doors, they undergo a lot of wear and tear. With standard and high-quality components, safety of everyone around increases. Therefore, to maintain distance between a malfunction and its resulting harm to the business, it is good to check components of the doors.

Replacement Helps

 Yes it does and to a great extent. There are times when repair work is simply not possible. Also, sometimes repair cost is almost equal to the cost of a new door. In both these situations, garage door replacement is the smart way to go.

Professional Maintenance

There’s no denying the fact that more than residential doors, it’s the commercial doors that are used frequently. For this reason, they need regular checkups by professional technicians. This will help to stay away from delays which drive up the costs. Simply hire the right experts and they will assist with timely, affordable and prompt solutions.

Whether you are looking forward to buy new doors or get the broken ones replaced, be careful in your approach and settle for the best deal. Market is full of variety of options and you can easily choose your personal favorite style, design and raw material.

DIY Replacement Of Garage Door Will Make You Feel Regretful

Garage doors need to be replaced once in a blue moon. But when it needs to be done it should be done by professional hands only. Seldom garage owners understand that repairing the garage door on their own can be risky for life for there are so many parts to know and handle at the same time. With garage door replacement, the scenario is different. It needs high level of expertise and the size and weight of the garage door in itself is a big reason. It is not very common to hear that somebody wants to replace the garage door on his own, but if you want to know more reasons why should you keep yourself away from any DIY project you are at the right place.



Commercial and residential garage doors are highly complex in nature. The components are interconnected and they all need to be properly installed and adjusted in order to make the whole system work perfectly. The DIYers lack experience and expertise both and hence fail to fix it in first time. (It might not be done even in second or third attempt). This will lead to unnecessary wastage of time and efforts. You may have to ultimately ring the expert garage door installer.


You might get surprised to know the actual weight of the garage doors through the process of garage door repair for the first time. One man army can definitely not turn the table this time. This is true that some door materials are relatively lighter than others but they will still be beyond your ability to handle. A fall of the heavy garage door may cause damage and harm anything that comes in its way for that matter.

Damages to the door can also make an important concern; you may end up in giving dents to new garage door even before installing it.





7 Advantages Of Having A Steel Garage Door

Steel, no matter what, is one of the strongest yet workable material. The use of steel is never limited. Also, the cost effectiveness is another reason why it is widely accepted as material of construction.

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If you are asked about your preference of material to be used in fabrication of residential garage doors then your obvious answer would be steel due to its strength.

sectional door

The reasons that support a steel garage door are:


Imagine Tony Stark choosing glass, wood or fiberglass for his superhero suit. Yes, you may have a good laugh now. Steel is an alloy that takes maximum benefits of elemental metals. It’s strength is remarkable and engineers love to work about this material.


The reason why engineers don’t use elemental metals like iron or aluminum is because they are fragile in that state. However, by adding carbon, manganese, nickel to iron; it becomes more durable and malleable.

3)Energy Saving

Steel door is comparatively lighter than wooden door which makes it easy to run on light-powered motor. This is a major factor in case of commercial garage doors since these doors are used continuously and cutting down the electricity bill one of the concerns.

4)Insulation and Coating

Steel doors can be easily painted to keep their surfaces safe for longer time and free from rusting. Also, adding layer of polyurethane or polystyrene keeps safe from harmful environmental conditions like sun, snow or rain. It also helps to maintain the temperature inside the house.


Anyone in world would try to keep their houses upgraded to maximum security that is affordable to them. Steel garage doors and their maintenance make for a package for overall security enhancement at lower price. In comparison to other form of materials, steel is much better in safety concerns.

6)Integrate Technology

If you want an automated door, it is best to accommodate that need in a steel door rather than any other. Sensors are easily integrated with metal than wood composites or fiber.

7)Looks that spells Elegance

Well, last but not the least, people want their house to look straight way clean cut and classy. What else but steel that beautifies the front of your house. It is simple, easily customized and worth every penny.

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It is never a difficult choice when you have to choose from a bundle of options. Steel doors are the first choice. Your house and commercial building are safe when they are held by them.


Are you thinking of adding garage to your home? It will be a great value addition any homeowner can bring on. When you look back to turn pages of history of garage you will find that it was believed that a garage is a garage and it will be. But fortunately no longer this holds true. With the proliferation of motor vehicles garage has become necessity for every American household with one or more number of vehicles. But there are lot many advantages of building a garage besides acting as a safe and secure parking space for your car and other vehicles. However, the central idea of building garage still remains to be creating a space where the vehicles can stay safe from any damages because of environmental elements and of course from theft.

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Garages work beautifully on increasing the curb appeal of your house, especially if you have been emphasizing on getting the best suited door out of myriad of designs and styles available for residential garage doors. With garages you get an extra storage much needed when you have children in home. Their belongings never stop to grow in numbers. Garages also make perfect place to host a retreat for friends ( men’s cave anybody). Many families transform it into home theatre by adding the necessities for the purpose from projector to comfortable chairs and carpet. You cannot skip to have insulation to make the place more comfortable to spend more time inside and opting in to be more energy efficient.

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You may need garage for business purposes too. Whether it is a FMCG industry or you are dealing in industrial goods, there are lots many occasions during a day when loading and unloading of materials and inventory is done. So you should invest in the right size of the garage so that there is enough of space for meeting your future plans too. In order to make it truly functional you need to find out the durable best door from variety of grille and commercial garage doors gallery of reputed company.

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Choosing between detached and attached garage is important at the planning stage itself. Either of them have their own set of pros and cons. While attached garages are pocket friendly as they make use of existing wall of your house and gets connected to home’s electrical system, detached garages give you more space and privacy if you want to utilize the space as work studio as you can concentrate better at a little distance from home. Also it will be more secure as it does not lead to access to the rest of the home unlike the attached garages.

fiberglass garage

Whatever decision you take, keep potential dollar value in consideration.

Are Wooden Garage Doors A Good Idea For Commercial Use?

When it comes to businesses, the owners want highest security for their data and inventory. One of the very important aspect is the security system that includes CCTV cameras, human resource and obstructions. Commercial garage doors, in this case, is on the highest degree of safety follow ups. There are pros and cons to both the side of a wooden doors.

Residential Garage Doors OpenersLet’s discuss some of the positives of wooden doors:

1)These garage door designsappeal to maximum people because wood is an all-rounder when it comes to experimenting different design, style and size. They look beautiful and classic in comparison to other material.

2)They can be customized as per the building’s outlook and need. It can be framed as slide or sectional as well.

3)They have easy repair and maintenance. Also, if you have a wooden door, there are least chances of having a dent due to their super endurance.

4)Wood is a natural sound proof material which could provide a peaceful environment in the office.

5)These doors are heavy and to empty any stealing would be difficult due to its strong and heavy frame.

What would be the negatives then?

1)Since, wooden doors are heavy, therefore, it would require a heavy load spring to work it out.

2)To implement security system and automation devices on these doors will be even difficult as they are heavy and need more power supply to run them.

3)Initial cost of new garage doors is higher because of the exotic wood used to give your building good look else, it would be just another door that needs continuous maintenance.

4)It needs regular paint and sand to keep the health of the door better and sustain it through longer years.

5)Market has much stronger options like steel, fiberglass, vinyl and other complex material that make the fabrication easy and installation as well.

In conclusion, if we see, wood pushes beauty factor but for commercial purposes it is better to opt for other options as security and ease of handling stands first.


Things To Consider When Buying Garage Doors

Garage doors not only give an entrance to the living area but also play significant role in overall exterior. Both these aspects are crucial as security is an important element of the building. Moreover, it should also look good from outside. With the right commercial garage doors professionals, choosing the right door and getting it installed the right way is quite simple. Successful integration of such features is that they bring many incentives. Also, style of the doors are one of the main elements because majority of people look for stylish appeal.


Nobody is interested in paying attention towards a building or workplace that has a distracted exterior. On maximum cases, it is the material of the door that decides how attractive a door can be made. For everyone who prioritize attractiveness of the property, wood is the best suited material as it enables to create a matching door out of the wood. To add amazing features, one good option is adding garage door remote, as it simplifies managing the operations.

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When a work front or commercial property looks attractive from outside, it attracts more customers, which not only helps the growth of the business or company but also the overall value of the place. Latest and automated doors available these days look appealing and do not have any odd looking door design. As sectional doors are attractive and automated, they are quite popular among the customers. Once the looks are ensured, next important thing is security. As these doors provide entry to the property, it is important to focus on their security as this will secure the whole place.

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With so many features and options available, picking up the right door is not a problem. Also, there are several accessories to choose from. There are too many openers availble along with garage door opener remote. Choose the right things for your place and you can get the door that meets your needs.

Garage Door: 4 Common And Inexpensive Replacements

Garage Doors are important to strengthen the house security. It keeps your expensive cars and other valuable belongings safe from various threats. Also, a faulty garage doors in residence can make it appealing for thieves to plan stealing. Apart from that, children can get hurt if the door is broken or dysfunctional. A complete garage door replacement is a costly option but by replacing the defective parts on right time can you a lot of money and increase the lifespan of the door.

emergency-garage-door-repair-columbusLet’s see what are the common garage door defects that needs an early replacement


Spring forms an integral part of garage doors that helps in its movement. It has to go through a lot of tensile and compressive force over time. The continuous stretch and release can make it lose its strength and eventually it might break down. This could cause the door to jam in its position. This problem seems to be small but its effect is larger than that. However, Spring system doesn’t take more than $60-$80 for replacement and could be fixed on time.

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Sensors are the modern door’s element that improves its workability. The remote control gives luxury to the owner to operate his garage door from a distance as well. However, the sensor are sensitive electrical device. They might get dysfunctional and incorrectly respond to the commands. This clearly needs a sensor change. It may be possible that there is something stuck in the way of doors that avoids its complete closure. Also, check the remote’s battery which could be a possible culprit. A change in sensor should not exceed $100.

garage door spring


As the time passes, the doors on outside goes through many weather changes that includes rusting, dents and physical degradation. Although, residential garage door installation needs heavy labour and money but taking precaution can help you keep it safe for a longer time. Paint on regular intervals to avoid rusting and swelling of wood.

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The residential garage doors can have various reasons for not working properly and one of the reasons could be in its cable and chain system that makes as opener system. Motor unit of the door should be accessed in case of any problem. Loose electrical wire could also cause a connection problem. A thorough check at regular intervals could save a major shock accident. Any replacement is opener system varies from $30-$150 only.

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These are the major causes of any upgrade or change in the garage doors which are inexpensive and readily available in market. If timely action is implemented then you would avoid the chances of changing the whole system.