When it comes to businesses, the owners want highest security for their data and inventory. One of the very important aspect is the security system that includes CCTV cameras, human resource and obstructions. Commercial garage doors, in this case, is on the highest degree of safety follow ups. There are pros and cons to both the side of a wooden doors.

Residential Garage Doors OpenersLet’s discuss some of the positives of wooden doors:

1)These garage door designsappeal to maximum people because wood is an all-rounder when it comes to experimenting different design, style and size. They look beautiful and classic in comparison to other material.

2)They can be customized as per the building’s outlook and need. It can be framed as slide or sectional as well.

3)They have easy repair and maintenance. Also, if you have a wooden door, there are least chances of having a dent due to their super endurance.

4)Wood is a natural sound proof material which could provide a peaceful environment in the office.

5)These doors are heavy and to empty any stealing would be difficult due to its strong and heavy frame.

What would be the negatives then?

1)Since, wooden doors are heavy, therefore, it would require a heavy load spring to work it out.

2)To implement security system and automation devices on these doors will be even difficult as they are heavy and need more power supply to run them.

3)Initial cost of new garage doors is higher because of the exotic wood used to give your building good look else, it would be just another door that needs continuous maintenance.

4)It needs regular paint and sand to keep the health of the door better and sustain it through longer years.

5)Market has much stronger options like steel, fiberglass, vinyl and other complex material that make the fabrication easy and installation as well.

In conclusion, if we see, wood pushes beauty factor but for commercial purposes it is better to opt for other options as security and ease of handling stands first.