Garage Doors are important to strengthen the house security. It keeps your expensive cars and other valuable belongings safe from various threats. Also, a faulty garage doors in residence can make it appealing for thieves to plan stealing. Apart from that, children can get hurt if the door is broken or dysfunctional. A complete garage door replacement is a costly option but by replacing the defective parts on right time can you a lot of money and increase the lifespan of the door.

emergency-garage-door-repair-columbusLet’s see what are the common garage door defects that needs an early replacement


Spring forms an integral part of garage doors that helps in its movement. It has to go through a lot of tensile and compressive force over time. The continuous stretch and release can make it lose its strength and eventually it might break down. This could cause the door to jam in its position. This problem seems to be small but its effect is larger than that. However, Spring system doesn’t take more than $60-$80 for replacement and could be fixed on time.

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Sensors are the modern door’s element that improves its workability. The remote control gives luxury to the owner to operate his garage door from a distance as well. However, the sensor are sensitive electrical device. They might get dysfunctional and incorrectly respond to the commands. This clearly needs a sensor change. It may be possible that there is something stuck in the way of doors that avoids its complete closure. Also, check the remote’s battery which could be a possible culprit. A change in sensor should not exceed $100.

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As the time passes, the doors on outside goes through many weather changes that includes rusting, dents and physical degradation. Although, residential garage door installation needs heavy labour and money but taking precaution can help you keep it safe for a longer time. Paint on regular intervals to avoid rusting and swelling of wood.

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The residential garage doors can have various reasons for not working properly and one of the reasons could be in its cable and chain system that makes as opener system. Motor unit of the door should be accessed in case of any problem. Loose electrical wire could also cause a connection problem. A thorough check at regular intervals could save a major shock accident. Any replacement is opener system varies from $30-$150 only.

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These are the major causes of any upgrade or change in the garage doors which are inexpensive and readily available in market. If timely action is implemented then you would avoid the chances of changing the whole system.