Homeowners fulfill many responsibilities of ownership like taking care of the appliances, automobiles, deck, garden and many other things. This seems quite relevant to ask if you being the homeowner are looking after your garage door very well. The garage door is said to be the largest movable part of every house. You cannot afford to take chances by overlooking the maintenance of garage doors for they are to be blamed for many serious home injuries and damages. You certainly would not want your family or staff to get affected because of your carelessness with residential or commercial garage doors. An ideal garage owner gets into DIY cleaning and maintenance over a weekend or even before when he senses any problem in the door for that matter.

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Certain amount of maintenance keeps good working condition and increases the quality and longevity of its life. Given below is a quick wrap of the maintenance activities to be performed by the garage owner by his own or by a professional assist.

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1)Lubrication. It is advisable to lubricate the squeezing and noisy garage door with high quality lubrication products. From bearings to spring shaft and track rollers make sure you lubricate them all. You can skip springs from lubrication unless they are rusty.

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2)Grease is not good, unless it is silicon or lithium based. Other greases harden up in the freezing temperatures and make the door too difficult to move.

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3)Clean the garage door track properly. It does not ask you for lubrication but cleaning with a damp cloth followed with a dry cloth will serve the purpose. Do not forget to clean the track from the inner side too.

4)Check the hardware for at least 2 times in a year, all nuts and bolts should be tightly fastened.

5)Check the lifting cables too for any untimely wear and tear, they can cause the misalignment and it can turn out to be a very dangerous situationresidential-overhead-garage-doors6)Springs cannot be handled without professional assistance. So it is better you call the reputed and experienced garage door experts.