Almost every garage owner knows how harmful residential and commercial garage doors can be, if not operated carefully. Ill-treated or mishandled garage doors can be hazardous for kids and your family at home and for your fellow workers and staff at factory. You should learn about the important garage door safety measures from this post to ensure people are safe around large and heavy garage doors.

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Children are apples of eyes of their parents and family. Unfortunately there have been many accidents which took life of innocent children. This is so disturbing to learn that children are not safe on this planet, not even at their homes. Follow these practices religiously to stay miles apart from anything displeasing. While regular maintenance and significant repairs of residential garage doors by professionals play an important role, there are some good practices every parent should inculcate in his kids.

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The top 3 safety measures are listed below which will ensure your children and their friends are safe and happy always:

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1)GARAGE IS NO PLACE TO PLAY FOR CHILDREN- Children are risk-takers by nature. They are too curious to find out the hidden things and secrets. Small things amuse them, they may try to peep or slide in from any gap between garage door and the ground. Don’t ever leave them unsupervised near garages. A single moment of carelessness or inattentiveness can cost you very heavy.

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2)INSTRUCT THEM AND EDUCATE THEM ABOUT THE RISKS- If your children are a little grown up, tell them about the garage door working and the mechanism. But do it cautiously as they should not get scared from garage doors and develop a phobia which will be difficult to shake off later.

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3)KEEP AWAY THE REMOTE CONTROL- Everything within their reach is a thing to play for them. Objects like remote control in their grip can endanger their well-being and life. Place them out of the reach of the children so that they do not press a button and mistime the opening or closing of the garage door.