While replacing a garage door, most of the garage owners give due importance to the price factor. Most of the garage owners intend to have long term service from new garage door replacement. It is right to consider money and budget while making an investment, be it in purchasing a new kitchen appliance or a new garage door. Just like you do research the features and the services offered by a brand of refrigerator, you should be sure about investing in the right material for garage doors. It is equally important to take time on deciding the material for residential and commercial garage doors both.

The most popular garage door materials are being discussed below for your understanding.


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This looks nice as a garage door material, it looks sleek and is easy to maintain. There are number of options as far as the sizes and variations are concerned. The best part of having steel garage door is,it is a low maintenance product. It cannot be damaged by hot or cold temperatures. Though steel doors do not call for early maintenance but they can be dinged up easily. Also, they are not the best insulators.


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Wood is a classic choice, goes very well with all types and size of garages. They are vulnerable to damages like splitting and cracking. They need high maintenance like regular repainting sessions, protection from termites etc. Wood is not at all an insulator and does not provide enough room to get modified for insulation.


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Vinyl is gaining popularity as it is a cheaper choice and it is a low maintenance product too. It is rust resistant and can withstand rains. It is durable unlike wood it will not split. It is again not good at insulation on its own but can support built-in insulation. The most commonly faced challenge with vinyl garage door is the color permanence. Once it is installed, you cannot change its color, if you want a different color for working on aesthetics of your house, you will have to replace it altogether.