A good and functional garage door opens smoothly whenever the button is pressed. However, if the door stops working all of a sudden, probably it has got off the track. Under such conditions, it is important to contact the expert professionals, get the needed assistance and ensure that the door is safe to operate. However, it is important to know the issue behind the problems. Check out the three major reasons behind a garage door that is off track.

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1)Alignment Issues

One of the leading reasons behind off track doors is alignment issue. To open and close the door seamlessly and safely, it is required for it be precisely aligned on the metal rails. Even a slight disturbance in the alignment can lead to situations where it becomes tricky to operate the door. However, with the help of commercial garage doors maintenance professional, it is easy to correct such errors that serve as the potential factor behind the performance of the garage door.


2)Bends in the Rails

For proper alignment of the garage door, it is required to ensure that the metal rails are perfectly straight as well as maintained. Forces from the weight in the door and other reasons bend the door rails. As a result, major maintenance issues are needed. It is good to check if the rails have turned seriously bent. If they are, the best thing to do is replace them.

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3)Weather Changes

Sudden changes in weather condition also lead to off track faults. Areas where the weather changes turn humid or extremely hot, it is possible for the door to fall out of position or spontaneously warp. Constructing the door from weather proof materials prevents the door from losing alignment.


Check out your residential overhead garage doors now and look for these faults. If you find any defect, call the experts and get it fixed at the right price. Hurry up! Improve the overall appeal of your property now.