A garage door is there to prevent your car from intruders, thieves, and anti-social elements. But they can do so when they themselves are in good shape. Residential garage door installation is an investment for decades or probably for the whole lifetime. If the garage door is refusing to open up or tune up with DIY tips, replace your garage door before it costs you much higher than what a replacement will do.

residential garage door

While ordering it online or over phone caters to your convenience, but the garage owner should not forget that garage door replacement is much more than the material and design. Hence you are not being stopped from ordering it over phone, but you should be a wise customer to call the salesperson with material samples and the measurement tapes to get the precise and accurate measurements.

residential garage door repair

While he is supposed to measure the door size and shape, he will also have to see the headroom and side clearance for smooth passage of vehicles. Wood doors look undoubtedly fabulous. They enhance the curb appeal of your house exponentially. But the maintenance costs involved are a myriad of small expenses. Alternative to these wooden doors are the steel doors with a faux wood-grain finish. They look exactly the same from a distance and prevent you from maintenance nightmares.


Ensure the garage door is properly insulated which will vary with the use you make of your garage door. The higher the R factor the better it is. Also swift your focus on springs. Springs are responsible for smooth upward and downward movement of your garage door. Install the torsion spring for best results with your door expert’s advice. Do not act miser by saving some money on door opener, it will be wise to replace the door opener at the same time for a quite movement.

Sit back and discuss with your spouse what kind of look and use you are expecting to have. Call online consultants for an onsite discussion to avoid any hassles at the eleventh hour. Hiring a pro will allow you to save your time and you can make better use of your arm strength. Since this is best handled by door companies for they have the special tools and delivery time.