Are you planning to invest funds in residential garage doors? If yes, wait and read on to conclude why it is important to be particular about the dimensions of these doors. It is important to have the type that will help you to run your business efficiently. These days, suppliers offer size chart with different models to help the customers pick up the most suitable option that meets their commercial needs. Though there are standard sizes, but it is possible to have them in long or extra high dimensions. Roll up doors have different configuration; whereas, insulated ones come in different size.

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The different types

1)Aluminum doors

These have aluminium panels and glass windows for visibility and increased light. They are best suited to serve as internal partitions and external doors. You can see them in restaurant, fire stations and office buildings.

2)Sectional doors

They have several panels that are hinged together and are made from aluminium or steel. They are available in multiple steel gauges with glazing and insulation features for enhanced protection. Sectional style is mainly used in warehouses and loading docks.

3)Rolling steel doors

These doors consist of many corrugations or small panels, which allow the door to roll up. This style has three types: counter, service and security grilles.

  • Service: These are made up of plank profiles and can be used to improve airflow and visibility.
  • Counter: These are custom fitted for closing off small spaces and counter tops.
  • Security: They consist of perforates slates for airflow and visibility.

4)Rolling sheet doors

These doors have wide steel sheets that are hemmed together. Grooves in the hems assist in rolling up over a shaft loaded with a spring.

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There are many factors to be kept in mind while selecting the right type of product. With knowledge of commercial garage doors sizes, you can easily find the door that has the potential to serve your business needs. Buying them is very easy these days, as a number of online manufacturers provide them at affordable rates